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Online Analysis, Publications, and Federal Justice Statistics Program (FJSP) Information :
The FJSRC website content and tools are now available on the new Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) website. The Online Analysis and U.S. Criminal Code query tools, publications, and other project information about the FJSP can be accessed from the BJS site. Use the link below to access the tools and information about the FJSP project on the BJS site.

  Data Archive:
The data archive is no longer accessible from this web site. At BJS’s request, these files have been restricted and can be requested through ICPSR's National Archive of Criminal Justice Data (NACJD) site. Go to NACJD website at ICPSR (opens new window) . If you have any questions about the accessing the data from the NACJD site, please send an email to: netmail@icpsr.umich.edu. If you have questions about the Federal Justice Statistics Program, please send an email to: ASKBJS@usdoj.gov.

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